【b+ab x Peanuts 聯乘▶ 幻化多樣造型風格】


【b+ab x Peanuts 聯乘▶ 幻化多樣造型風格】

b+ab 時尚服飾

【b+ab x Peanuts 聯乘▶ 幻化多樣造型風格】

糖妹 Kandy率先以最新Snoopy背心連身裙來作其休閒打扮,青春又搶眼; Bambi Leung 梁筠兒則穿上的紅白珠片Snoopy TEE,輕鬆配搭出率性型格的造型。
而愛以氣質打扮的你,亦可參考mellowmayo.com的穿搭 – 系列中的車花音符裇衫配襯飄逸長裙,具氣質卻又不失個性。
b+ab x Peanuts 2017 春夏聯乘系列將於明日(4月7日)於b+ab專門店可愛登場!

Try on different styles with b+ab x Peanuts 2017 Collection!
#Kandy dressed in the striped one-piece for her casual-chic look; while #Bambi elevates her cozy yet cool style with the striped sequin top.
Dress-lovers could definitely be inspired by #mellowmayo – the shirt with embroidered musical notes details pairing up with maxi-dress.
b+ab x Peanuts SS17 Collection will be officially launched tmr! Can’t wait!

#bplusab #snoopy #woodstock #peanuts #史努比

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